Need a Job? These Are the Top 10 Industries That Are Hiring Right Now

Whether you're ready for a career change or looking to launch one, fall is the best time of year to start looking before it all quiets down again in December. So while you're getting your power résumé ready, there are a few key industries you should be aware of when job hunting. Based on data from Wanted Analytics, Monster put together the 10 job categories that added the most positions in August. Scroll down to find out which sectors you should be searching.

1. Office and Administrative Support
2. Sales
3. Computer and Mathematical Occupations
4. Transportation and Material Moving
5. Healthcare Practitioners
6. Management
7. Food Preparation and Serving
8. Business and Finance
9. Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
10. Construction and Extraction

To find out more about these categories, including the job listings added and the top cities they're located in, visit Money.

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Opening photo: Vogue Latin America