You Could Earn $115K a Year at America's Top-Paying Companies

Do you dream about making more money? Well, that daydream is a reality for hundreds of employees at 13 major U.S. companies that pay their staff a median annual salary of $115,000. According to a USA Today analysis of data from, the top companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 include Juniper Networks (JNPR), Netflix (NFLX), and Yahoo (YHOO). Not surprisingly, all but two of the highest payers are in the tech sector, and the paychecks are substantial. If your skills are in this domain, then get your résumé ready and apply to Juniper Networks, who pay a median of $134,721 per year, making it the highest of the research group. But Netflix isn't far behind, paying its employees on average $132,220 annually. Yahoo pays about $122,202 a year, but this is a small sum in comparison to its CEO Marissa Mayer, who pulls down around $42 million.

To read more about the best-paying companies in the U.S., visit USA Today.

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