The Top 4 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Big Money

We are all striving for the ultimate work/life balance, to find a job that fulfills our creative desires but leaves us with enough time to enjoy life, too. Working part time solves that problem, but it doesn't always help your bank account. What if we told you that you can earn more by working less? You'd probably tell us we're dreaming, but copywriter Dan Stetler from Chicago might convince you otherwise. After going freelance three and a half years ago, he's nearly tripled his income. Ears pricked up now? Lucky for you, a new study just compiled the 10 highest-paying part-time and temporary jobs. Scroll down to see which gigs made the cut.


It's good to know that all those hours studying at college count for something. So when you're diving into a textbook before your next exam, just remind yourself that accounting pays well—the average wage is $30.55/hour—and has an expected 13% increase in jobs through 2022.

Computer Programmer

We have often written about the future job growth of coding and computer programming, so the fact it's well paid really doesn't come as a surprise. This skill is often outsourced, which means you can charge as a freelancer or a contractor. The average wage is $35.71/hour, and job openings are expected to increase by 8% through 2022.


With a love for grammar and language in general, being a writer is my dream job. If this sounds like you, too, then you're in luck. Writers often work on a freelance and contract basis, which means the work is also diverse. There is no limit to what you can work: blogs, films, press releases, medical or technical documents, etc. The hourly wage is about $26.89, but there's only a 3% increase expected through 2022.

Network and Systems Administrator

If you're wondering what exactly this job entails, people in this profession troubleshoot and upgrade networked computer systems, or handle Internet access and security issues. There will always be a demand in this area because companies are generally understaffed and need people with these specific skills. You can earn a whopping $34.88/hour in this role, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipate a 12% increase in jobs through 2022.

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