The Top Travel Destinations of 2017, According to Lonely Planet


Kaare Ward Jenson/500px

With the end of 2016 right around the corner, we're already looking ahead to the year in front of us. Our go-to resource for all things travel is doing the same, having just released its Best in Travel guide for 2017. Based on a year's worth of travel trends, Lonely Planet's Best in Travel feature is one of the most well-respected resources when planning your upcoming adventures. Without further adieu, these are the top travel destinations to book a flight to in 2017, according to Lonely Planet:

Top Countries:

    1. Canada
    2. Colombia
    3. Finland
    4. Dominica
    5. Nepal

Top Cities:

    1. Bordeaux, France
    2. Cape Town, South Africa
    3. Los Angeles, USA
    4. Merida, Mexico
    5. Ohrid, Macedonia

Top Regions:

    1. Choquequirao, Peru
    2. Taranaki, New Zealand
    3. The Azores, Portugal
    4. North Wales, UK
    5. South Australia

Head over to Lonely Planet for the full list of top 10 destinations, and share your 2017 travel plans with us below!