Top Ten: Candleholders

tout-04 These mango wood tapers are perfect for lighting up any modern mambo. Modern Wooden Tapers, From $29, West Elm
tout-05 Katy Perry isn't the only one shining light through prisms these days. A Kate of a different suit is at it as well with these brightly colored glass candlesticks. Kate Spade New York Candleholder, From $50, Macy's
tout-09 A mixture of clear oil and black stain is combined to create the faux marble finish on the base of these graphite-topped candleholders. Stick Candleholder Marble, $215, Grain
tout-010 Hammered German silver is delicately applied to mango wood with tiny silver nails, and the result is a bold tabletop statement. Lazy Susan Royal German Silver Candleholder, $115, Zinc Door
tout-06 Make sure your candlesticks stay grounded with this pewter root-inspired holder. Muir Woods Taper Holder, $148, Anthropologie
tout-07 When your candleholder is made of stunning solid marble, the only other design feature needed is a strong geometric shape. Fort Standard Marble Candleholder, $92, Douglas and Bec
tout-08 Not every geode is meant to hold candlesticks, though the ones that are have been discovered and now we can't imagine our tables without them. Vela Candlesticks, $130, Nineteen Mercièr
tout-01 A touch of blush and jet black - you'd think we'd be describing the latest beauty trend instead of our latest tabletop obsession. Short Stacked Candlestick, $40, Kate Spade Saturday
tout-03 A touch of vintage brass never hurt anyone, though a collection of seven vintage brass candlesticks may do some serious damage. Vintage Brass Candlesticks, $35, Judy's Junktion
tout-02 Platinum just may be the next finish-fad (after brass is done having its moment), so invest in this ceramic piece that gives the illusion of a platinum overflow. Dauville Handmade Platinum Glazed Candleholder, $38, Canvas