This Travel Insider Visited 22 Countries in 25 Years—Here Are Her 5 Must-Sees

Updated 06/14/17

A person must command a certain level of experience before dishing out travel advice, and Bohemian Trails blogger Megan Eileen McDonough fits the bill. Having traveled to 22 countries in just 25 years, the travel writer has collected more stamps on her passport in just a quarter-century than most of us will in a lifetime. As both a travel enthusiast and writer, McDonough has openly shared her favorite destinations (and experiences) on Insider. Below, read up on the world traveler's five favorite destinations in her own words (and what to see once you get there).

England: "London was my home for a few months in 2008 and has remained one of my favorite global cities. While many of my fellow study abroad peers overlooked the rest of England, I made a point to explore towns near and far. Some of my favorites include Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton Beach, Canterbury, and the Cotswolds."

Scotland: "Although my expectations for Edinburgh were low, I couldn't have been more impressed with the city. It's not every day that you lay eyes on a castle built upon volcanic rock. I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan, so drinking coffee as I overlooked the castle (the inspiration of Hogwarts and Harry Potter in general), was one of my favorite travel moments."

Wales: "One of my weekends was spent driving through South Wales. While many of the other students found the country on the boring side, I found the small towns and green grass charming. Highlights included Cardiff, Swansea, Brecons Beacon National Park, the ruins of Tintern Abbey."

Ireland: "Since I am an official Irish Citizen, it was only a matter of time before making my way back home. Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Limerick were all memorable cities with extraordinarily friendly people but no trip to Ireland is complete without a kiss of the Blarney Stone."

Spain: "I immediately fell in love with everything about Sevilla, from the Alcazar Palace to the famous Cathedral to the local shops and bars, this city completely reflected my new outlook on life. I felt relaxed, refreshed and ready to conquer my next destination."

Head over to Insider for the rest of her travel list, and tell us which of these five destinations would you travel to first.

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