The Top Travel Destinations of 2016, According to Google

If you want to know what's trending around the world, look no further than Google. Aside from pure entertainment value, Google search history can offer some interesting insights into what people are thinking, feeling, doing, and planning from all corners of the globe. Most recently, Condé Nast Traveler reported on the most-googled cities around the world in 2016, and the resulting list is a refreshing departure from the standard trio: New York, London, and Paris. Here are the top three travel destinations for 2016, according to your Google search history:

Known for its gorgeous Northern Lights sightings and world-famous blue lagoon, Iceland has grown in popularity thanks to Icelandair's ingenious stopover program. Guests traveling between North America and Europe can make a pit stop in Reykjavik, the country's capital, at no extra cost. According to Google, women aged 25–34 living in New York are most interested in traveling to the popular city. 

Thanks to President Obama's heavy hand in thawing our once-icy relations with Cuba, the Caribbean island nation is back on the travel map for many Americans. Known for its colorful architecture and 1950s-era cars, capital city Havana has become a hotspot for men aged 35–44 from Florida, reports Google

Similar to Icelandair, Air Canada has been experimenting with a free stopover program in an effort to strengthen Toronto's tourism industry. If the numbers are any indication, it seems to be working, especially for males aged 25–34 hailing from Michigan. Considering Toronto's emerging food scene, rich ice hockey history, and connection to one of America's most popular rappers, Drake, we can't say we're surprised.

Head over to Condé Nast Traveler for the full list of Google-searched cities, and share your 2016–2017 travel plans below!