It's Official: These Are the 7 Buzziest Travel Destinations of 2017

Grappling with post-election blues? If recent events have left you feeling a little stressed and deflated, set your sights on a short sojourn to combat election fatigue. For those looking to escape the tourist hordes, it's becoming increasingly difficult to discover under-the-radar locales that offer much-needed rest and recovery. The honeycomb mountains of Cappadocia have become commonplace, and the once quiet pagodas of Myanmar sing with the click-click of cameras. So where to next?

To find out which travel hot spots are poised to be huge in 2017, we scanned flight and tourism data and spoke to travel experts to create your must-see bucket list. Containing a mixture of lesser-known locales (you're about to hear a lot more about Pyeongchang) and popular hubs that will return to the limelight (Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017, so 2017 is a great time to visit), these are the places to consider now for your next vacation.

Don't delay booking your flights—these are the travel locales everyone will be talking about in 2017.

Ohrid, Macedonia


Macedonia is a well-explored travel destination for its neighbors in Turkey and Greece, but it's remained refreshingly under the radar among American travelers. The tiny landlocked country is perched between Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Albania in southeastern Europe.

So why is the Baltic nation attracting attention as of late? Named one of Lonely Planet's must-see destinations of 2017, the lake town of Ohrid is set to undergo major changes thanks to a planned lakeshore development. Go now to relax by the placid lake, wander the café-lined cobblestone streets, and explore the beautiful churches and medieval castle that dot the hills.

ViƱales, Cuba