This Is How You Travel Like a Wes Anderson Movie


CN Traveler

If you've ever wondered what it might be like to live within the highly stylized, hyper-color world of auteur filmmaker Wes Anderson, Condé Nast Traveler has some tips. The magazine has ranked the eight most Wes Anderson–y travel destinations in the world, from the famously pink palaces of Jaipur to the taxidermy-rich eatery Freemans on the Lower East Side (which also happens to be our first stop every trip to NYC). As summer travel bucket-list items go, a chic getaway plucked straight from a scene in Hotel Chevalier has us reaching straight for our passports.

Already fully committed in the travel-plans arena? You can still bring home the director's impossibly cool celluloid vibe with the help of our how to decorate like Wes Anderson guide. Watch the video to discover every one of the picture-perfect locals, and shop our favorite prop-inspired luggage below. As we learned in The Darjeeling Limited, monogramming one's luggage is always a smart move. Sometimes trains get lost, even when they're on rails.  

Where are you traveling this summer? Wherever you're headed, don't leave home without a duffel we're sure Wes Anderson would approve of.