Inside the Modern Toronto Home Tour That Screams Chic

Toronto home tour.

While we're loving the move toward traditional interiors and can't look past that Southern style, we're forever fans of the minimal appeal. Case in point: this classic and clean North Toronto home. But it's not just the stripped-back aesthetic that we love.

It's the tonal hues and the monochrome trend we'll never tire of. In fact, we know this timeless look will continue to dominate homes from now into 2020. Of course, we're certainly not color averse at MyDomaine HQ, but limiting your palette to just a couple of hues allows for greater freedom in the artwork you choose and an assuredness that your home won't date any time soon.

When interior stylist Meg Cassidy of Meg Cassidy Creative approached this project, (designed by builder Harvey Wise and SKR Homes) she had a clean and luxurious aesthetic in mind, but since the six-bedroom, nine-bathroom home is approximately 10,000 square feet, she knew she would be walking a fine line between minimal and stark. With the use of textures and warm materials, she ensured that the home was comfortable and cozy while still feeling grand. Read along to find out how she did it.

With its expansive size, large marble-clad entry, and "exceptional ceiling height," Cassidy was determined to make the home feel cozy and comfortable. "It was important for us to finish the home in a way that could bring warmth in the space while maintaining a rather minimalist, clean, and of course luxurious feel," she says. This was especially crucial given the monochrome color palette throughout.

marble backsplash
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

While her personal aesthetic is more modern, Cassidy's clients lean toward a more traditional style. Her challenge was marrying the two. "My clients were definitely more transitional in their taste," she says. "Since my work tends to lend more modern, it was important to ensure that I found the sweet spot for where modern pieces could intermingle with a slightly more traditional foundation. In the end, we pushed our clients on many furnishings in their home that we felt would make a beautiful statement with more linear and simple lines."

monochrome dining room
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

Cassidy's aesthetic is very clean, white, and muted, and thankfully the homeowners were also drawn to this. "They equally wanted a very crisp look in their home," she says. "You will see that there are very subtle pops of color throughout the home, most of which came through art."

modern dining room
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

The biggest challenge with this project was the scale. "With 10,000 square feet of net new furnishings, art, lighting, and décor, it meant a lot of planning, producing design boards that could tell a cohesive story across a large home and steadfast project management to complete the project in a timely fashion," she says.

black and white living room—gilded mirror
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

Her greatest find was the Restoration Hardware gilt mirror, which really became the focal point of the room. "The formal living room turned out to be a spectacular room that boasts that feeling of luxury and sophistication," she says. 

modern living room
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

The artwork was also key to bringing that warm and cozy feeling. "Opposite the mirror was an incredible piece of art from Reka Nyari," she says. "A piece that was from her New York collection."

neutral living room
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

Cassidy matched the grand rooms with equally grand décor, including oversize mirrors that reflects the light and adds an infinity effect to the space.

black and white entry—entryway ideas
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

Now, this is what you call a grand entrance. The black hide rug brings much-needed texture and warmth to the white marble flooring.

modern foyer
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

The landing is taken out of stark territory with exquisite macro photographs of flowers that add just the right amount of color. 

abstract wall art
Lauren Miller ;DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

Area rugs were the first thing Cassidy bought for the house. "Many of them had a silk finish that softened the rooms immediately and brought the warmth that was important to balance very hard surfaces like marble and wood," she says. 

white seating area
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

This seating room layers white with soft dove grays and textured throws to diversify the space and give it that zen feeling. 

white bathroom—freestanding tub
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

A freestanding tub invites you to bathe like a queen—because it's the simple luxuries that bring us joy in life.

white bathroom
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

Designing for a family means adding lots of storage to keep all the essentials hidden away while minimizing mess. This bathroom gets it right. 

neutral bedroom
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

This primary bedroom really nails the brief to create a sanctuary away from the world. We could happily snooze in this dreamy bedroom. The black headboard of the Restoration Hardware bed is a striking touch among the neutral tones.

Primary Bedroom

The term “Primary Bedroom” is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term “Master.” Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

black bedhead
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

This bedroom is the equivalent of a free pass to sleep in every day. 

reading nook
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

We'd read every day in this little nook thanks to one of our favorite chairs, the Knoll Womb Chair, and its matching ottoman nestled into the corner.

kids bedroom
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

Her favorite thing about the project was the fact that it's "luxurious and sharp" but also very much a family-friendly home. "As a mom as well, I got so much joy out of furnishing the children rooms and adding little pieces of their life into the space like family gallery walls and cozy sofas to curl up and watch movies."

modern nursery
Lauren Miller ; DESIGN: Meg Cassidy Creative

We're big fans of gender-neutral nurseries, and this one checks all the boxes with its soft and sweet appeal.