This Is Exactly How Tracee Ellis Ross Deals With Face Puffiness

Updated 05/29/18

At 45, Tracee Ellis Ross seems to only get better with age. The star of the hit TV show Black-ish recently took to Instagram to share one of her secrets to keeping her complexion fresh and youthful with her 4.5 million followers. While many might default to a jade roller to decrease facial puffiness, Ross has another trick up her sleeve, and you'll want to get in on this skincare trend ASAP.

Gregg DeGuire /Getty Images

According to a recent video on Ross's Instagram, she swears by a ReFa Carat Face beauty roller to give her skin an effortlessly youthful glow. The tool is meant to stimulate tired skin and enhance firmness using a 360-degree design and gentle micro-currents. While similar to a jade roller, this tool massages the skin to reduce puffiness and signs of aging. Oh, and Ross says she discovered the tool on Instagram of all places. "Swiping away the years," Ross captioned her post on Instagram post. "I'm always game for some self-care or a beauty treatment," she writes.

Watch Ross hilariously show you how she uses the device while getting her hair done in the video below.

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