Can Living Near Trader Joe’s Increase the Value of Your Home?

As if we needed more reasons to adore Trader Joes, it turns out living near one can significantly increase your homes value. Housing-data site RealtyTrac compared home values, appreciation, and property taxes of zip codes with a Trader Joe’s versus a Whole Foods in the area and found everyones favorite budget grocer the victor.

RealtyTrac discovered that residents with a nearby Trader Joe’s saw their home values increase 40%, while homeowners near a Whole Foods saw the value of their houses appreciate 34% since purchase. Though Trader Joes comes out on top, close proximity to both made the average home worth more than the average American home, valued at $262,068. The drawback of this desirability is that homeowners living near a Trader Joes pay much higher property taxes on average each year—59% more than those living near a Whole Foods.

The price we pay for cookie butter and insanely delicious frozen apps.

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