Exciting News for Trader Joe’s Fans

When it comes to grocery shopping, you can’t beat the everyday deals at Trader Joe’s. It’s the cheapest place to purchase flowers, cheese, canned goods, and alcohol. The good news for budget shoppers and Trader Joe’s lovers? The grocery store chain is slashing prices even more, Business Insider reports. According to a study performed by Deutsche Bank, TJ’s is currently 26% cheaper than competitor Whole Foods Market. A basket of food at Trader Joe’s cost $240, while the same items purchased at Whole Foods cost $303. The price gap is wider than it has been in previous checks, so analysts are predicting Trader Joe’s is its lowering prices like it did in 2013, much to the industry's surprise. Karen Short, the author of the study, believes “TJ's might be once again catching Whole Foods off guard because prior checks have not shown such disparity.” As Whole Foods struggles to get rid of its expensive “whole paycheck” image, it looks like they might have met an unexpected setback.

One of Trader Joe’s most popular items is their infamous cookie butter—enjoy some today!