The Contradictory Trait that All Successful People Share


Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Trying to emulate the positive habits of highly successful people is no easy feat; especially when you consider the fact that, more often than not, they seem to contradict themselves. This was recently pointed out by Inc.'s Lolly Daskal, who contends that, in order to truly learn from the minds of our nation's best and brightest, you must understand both the good and the bad.

Most interestingly, Daskal points out that many successful people are naturally introverted individuals, who simply come across as extroverts. "How many times have you heard a truly successful person—one who's constantly in the spotlight, who speaks in front of large crowds and leads thousands of people—say 'Oh, I'm really an introvert'?" says Daskal. "Most successful people are introverts by nature who have taught themselves to act like extroverts when they need to." While this may sound like a sweeping generalization, this characteristic simply points to a degree of malleability, or the ability to adapt to what's going on around you. Those who can do so seamlessly are able to fluctuate between two extremes—socializing when they need to and relaxing and reflecting afterwards.

But the list of conflicting traits doesn't stop there. Daskal reports that these people are mellow but blunt; passionate but objective; quiet but contain a wealth of knowledge; the list goes on. "As you work to develop your own style of leadership and success, learn to embrace your own contradictions," she concludes. "Let them add depth and texture to everything you do." 

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