Shop the Room: Federal Flair Living Room

A time of great style in the United States came directly after its formation in 1776. We're referring to the Federal Era, which played out in the three decades after the very last signature was inked onto the Constitution. It was a Neo-Classical (reinterpretation of Greek and Roman style) period defined by clean lines, contrasting finishes, and delicate shapes. The White House is Federal Era building, and a prime example of the style's appeal (Mrs. First Lady, would you agree with us?). Now we can't say if  Tommy Smythe, designer of this prestigious living room and Senior Designer of Sarah Richardson Design  is a Federal Era aficionado, but he has incorporated its characteristic traits so well, he's won over our vote. If you're also feeling downright presidential, campaign with the following guidelines. header1 Contrast is key. Not only are the black and white base colors of this living room in perfect contrast, but the lines of the furniture are as well. Play this double contrast out in your own home by pairing black and white furniture that is square and clean-lined with pieces that are curvilinear and more feminine. For example, in Tommy's space, a square coffee table and modern sofa are paired with curvy wingback chairs and a turned pedestal side table. This plan never fails. header2 We believe nothing shows an intriguing personality better than a curated collection. Be it what you wish: a bowl of matchbooks from around the globe, a gallery wall of assembled art, or a coffee table set with surprises. By showcasing your favorite items, not only can you admire your hard work, but visitors will also get to know you better almost instantly. header3 Do your civil duty and fly your flag in your domain. Well, you don't need to fly it to be exact, a simple throw pillow will suffice. But, flags demonstrate a statement of power, history, and loyalty; all adjectives with which we wouldn't mind being associated. Flags also pack a mean punch of color and bold pattern, and that is something we've always been loyal to. dh-shop-the-room-purple-haze-header-04
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Les Touches Black, $95, Arianna Belle Antique French Louis XVI Gold Leaf Mirror, $9800, 1st Dibs Odin Black Rug, $299, Crate & Barrel
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Myrtle Topiary, $78, Terrain Union Jack Pillow, $25, Bed Bath & Beyond Malibu A Coffee Table, $595, HD Buttercup
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Gramercy Wingback Chair, From $699, Pottery Barn Small Multi-Color Box, $95, Biscuit Home Pharmacy Floor Lamp, $221, Lamps Plus
 Photographs: Michael Graydon