Vogue Editors Share the One Beauty Product That Always Makes Their Carry-On

The beauty products we take on summer vacation have a specific set of criteria to meet before they take up valuable space in our carry-on. Beyond the TSA basics (travel-size liquids only, please), they need to work twice as hard as regular beauty products. They should be multifunctional, enhance our natural features when heavy makeup just won't do, and stand up to summer's heat and humidity.

It seems Vogue's editors are equally discerning about their travel beauty products. In a recent article, its team revealed the number one product they always pack on vacation and why. From a smart cleansing powder that eliminates TSA stress to three-in-one body oil that works as a moisturizer, conditioner, and makeup remover, there are some great recommendations in the list. Shop the three standout products below, along with recommendations from our team.

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