Travel Writers Agree: If You Only Take One Vacation in 2018, This Should Be It

Travel writing is a profession that seems almost too good to be true. The job description is unlike any other: those who have honed the craft spend most of their days abroad, exploring, uncovering, and writing about far-flung destinations and experiences that make even the most frequent fliers seem like travel rookies.

Given that travel writers visit more countries in a year than many could hope to in a lifetime, we tapped a few of our favorites with one question: Of all the places you've visited in the world, what's the one destination you'd return to again and again? Their responses were surprisingly varied. A Caribbean expert admits she was completely transfixed by the neon glow of Tokyo and an editor at National Geographic Poland reveals his go-to vacation spot is far from Europe.

Craving an adventure? If you only take one bucket list vacation in 2018, travel writers say this should be it.