Don't Leave for NYFW Without Packing These 27 Travel Essentials


Daniel Zuchnik / Getty

There really is no other place in the world like New York City. From the five-star restaurants to the world-class museums, it's literally brimming with creativity and culture, which is also why it never sleeps. But the Big Apple really comes alive for one week every season to celebrate the new designer collections at New York Fashion Week. But even if you didn't get a coveted seat (or standing ticket) to watch the runway, you can always visit the biggest show for free, on the street. Find a warm spot in a cafe and partake in some of the best people watching while you sip on a creamy latte. 

So whether you're sitting in a cafe or on the front row, there are a few travel essentials you'll need. We like to call this our New York Fashion Week survival kit because we all need something to get us through the long days, sleepless nights, and harsh winter temperatures and still look presentable at the end of it all. Ahead, we share some of the things our editors are packing for NYFW this year, but really, you could use them any time you travel.