12 Monumental Travel Experiences That Will Change Your Life

Like a penchant for good wine and refined home décor trends, traveling tastes change and mature with age. While a solo backpacking adventure may have great allure in your 20s, it can sound downright exhausting in your 30s. Likewise, going all-out on an extravagant trip to Alaska to see aurora borealis might be more within reach after retirement than when you’re saving for your first home.

So which experiences belong on the ultimate bucket list of a lifetime? Here, we've pinpointed the vacations that are best suited to every decade of your life. Not only will they reveal the person you truly are (a solo sojourn in your 20s is a must), but they're also the best strategy for a happy and fulfilling life (studies confirm experiences will make you happier than possessions).

Keep scrolling for three life-changing experiences to have in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.