Travel Jewelry Organizers Should Be on Your Getaway List—We Found 8 to Pack

When it comes to traveling, I try to keep my possessions as minimal as possible. This would seem like a major accomplishment if I didn't already dress simply in my everyday life, but there's still something to be said about fitting all that I need into a carry-on regardless of the length of my trip.

That being said, if you're the type of traveler who thinks, Who knows, I might need this! whenever you're packing, I get it. Sometimes you gotta pack for the 'gram. In those moments when clothes vastly outnumber accessories, I turn to these little-appreciated items: travel jewelry organizers. Unless you want sparkly accessories to get scratched in a measly Ziploc or lost in a pile of outfits, jewelry organizers are the best way to keep these odds and ends streamlined. They also allow you to bring more than meets the eye.

Once you've chosen a few versatile pieces to pack, keep them safe in one of these eight jewelry cases. Here's why I think they're particularly worth a bit of extra bulk.