I Left My Job to Travel the World—This Is What I Learned

Photo: Laura Laughlin for Tuula Vintage  

When I tell people that I left behind my life—my boyfriend, my house, my job, security—to travel the world indefinitely, I’m often met with awed responses. You really did that? people ask. A colleague at the top of his career told me not traveling was his greatest life regret. That potent cocktail of mounting responsibility, a desire for security, and a thirst for career progression often means we suppress wanderlust, but that trend is gradually changing. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that more people are taking a midlife career break and stepping away from normality to discover more about the world—and themselves. From riding a camel through the Sahara to climbing centuries-old temples in Myanmar, taking a grown-up gap year did so much more than open my mind to the world—it taught me invaluable lessons about myself. Here’s what I learned from leaving my life behind to travel the world.

Would you ever considered taking a break from everyday life to travel the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below.