It's Possible: How to Travel the World for $50 a Day

Many reasons keep us from seeing the world, but one of the most common is the misconception that travel is expensive. Maybe it's the Instagram-fueled fallacy that traveling has to involve stand-alone tubs and flashy hotels, but after backpacking for five months before moving to New York, I can vouch that traveling is the more affordable option.

When I started my trip in Cambodia, I set myself a challenge: How long could I travel with the money in my savings account? (I didn't want to touch my credit card) So I started tallying every expense in my phone, and the habit stuck. I now have five months' worth of financial data that accounts for every cent I spent.

Two months into the trip, and I averaged $50 per day, including accommodation, food, activities, and transport. And I wasn't just camping in the desert, hitchhiking, or eating two-minute noodles—I traveled throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and North Africa, dining out and embracing experiences, regardless of the price.

It's possible—here's how I managed to travel for $50 or less a day.



Courtesy of Stacie Flinner