5 Travel Secrets Only Airline Employees Know (That Passengers Don't)

Updated 07/25/17
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Reddit is one of the best places to turn to for completely unbiased, stripped-down advice; the anonymous nature of the site ensures you're almost always getting an honest, direct response on matters ranging from sex and relationships to travel hacks. Most recently, Travel + Leisure rounded up some little-known travel secrets from a Reddit thread asking airport and airline workers to tell all. Read some of their helpful, candid, and downright shocking responses below.

Bring your own headphones. "I used to work for warehouse that supplied a certain airline with items," writes user ichigo29. "The headsets that are given to you are not new, despite being wrapped up. They are taken off the flight, 'cleaned,' and then packaged again."

If you're traveling with a dog, write their name on their crate. "If you checked your Dog there's about a 30% chance it's terrified before it even gets on the plane," writes user RabbitMix. "Bag room agents will usually try to comfort a scared animal, but all we can really do is talk to it, so if you write your pet's name on their carrier it usually helps a lot."

Buy and fly on Tuesdays. “I work Revenue Management for an airline," explains user Drama_Llama. "On average, the cheapest time to buy a ticket is Tuesday afternoon. The cheapest time to fly is Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. This applies to US flights in my experience."

Always remove old luggage tags. "Not a secret, just common sense; the reason some bags miss their flight or get misrouted is because passengers don't remove old tags," writes user Aurelius. "It confuses handlers as well as the conveyor belt scanners. I see it happen all the time."

You may go completely off the grid. "When flying overseas there are generally no systems tracking the movement of your aircraft for several thousand miles i.e. how they go missing," adds user brahlicious.

Head over to the Reddit feed for more, and add your two cents on air travel below.

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