This Is Where Italian Girls Go on Summer Vacation (and Why You Should Too)

When planning your first trip to Italy, there are a few standout cities that provide a perfect first glimpse at the Italian way of life. But after you've explored Palatine Hill, tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain, and ridden a gondola down a Venetian canal, don't stop—there's so much more to Italian vacations than the major tourist sites.

If you're looking to venture beyond Rome, Florence, and Venice, consider a road trip. The naturally varied landscape means you can sample Chianti in a Tuscan vineyard one day and savor a locally caught seafood platter with views of the Adriatic Sea the next. Here, we've gone in search of the local hot spots Italian girls visit on vacation. From quaint seaside towns to traditional Tuscan villages, these lesser-known Italian vacations should be next on your list.