The Number One Reason You Should Make Traveling a Priority

If your jet-setting friends' gorgeous Instagram photos weren't convincing enough, a new survey from Priceline will make you want to hop aboard a jet heading anywhere but here come tomorrow. The "Traveler's Sweet Spot" survey found that traveling is the number one mood booster for Americans, with over half of the survey respondents claiming travel improves their attitude more than working out or shopping.

Priceline enlisted the help of Wakefield Research Group for the survey, which was conducted online and through email between March 1 and March 4, 2016. Using a nationally representative sample of 1005 Americans aged 18 and older, the survey asked questions relating to travel habits and plans, finding that trips don't even have to be long to offer a significant mood boost.

There was some variation in responses when it came to what kind of trip was the most relaxing: Some 35 percent of men and women found romantic getaways to be the most relaxing, followed by 33 percent preferring family visits, and 23 percent opting for trips with close friends. What's more, respondents would take up to seven vacations per year, if their work and wallet allowed for it.

Considering the fact that activities like working out are scientifically proven to release endorphins and boost your mood, these survey results are a bit surprising. At the very least, they can serve as yet another reason to finally scratch that trip to Australia off of your bucket list.

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