Study Says Traveling Will Make You More Healthy

If you’ve been feeling under the weather lately, perhaps you should go on a vacation. A new study from the Global Coalition on Aging says that traveling more often will make us healthier human beings. Taking a vacation also contributes to better aging. “Not taking a break from everyday stressors can elevate the amount of stress hormone cortisol in the body, which actually speeds up the aging process,” the research explains. Women who vacation twice a year have significantly lower risks of developing a heart condition that could lead to a coronary death than women who vacation only every couple of years.

Regular participation in social leisure activities like those performed while traveling—bike riding, museum going, swimming, etc.—promotes brain health, actively engages the body physically, and lowers the risk of dementia. Those who travel the globe are less likely to experience depression and have a significantly lower amount of chronic stress. After taking a vacation, 93 percent of Americans also feel happier and the majority believe that their health improves after their trip. The moral of the story? If you haven’t taken a vacation in awhile, book a trip now! 

When planning an active vacation, you’ll have to invest in a sturdy and reliable backpack.

How often do you go on vacation?