Traveling With Dogs Can Be a Breeze If You Follow These 13 Handy Tips

If traveling with children is difficult, the prospect of traveling with dogs or other pets may seem even more daunting. You may be embarking on this voyage out of necessity—say if you are moving—or due to another life-changing event. On the other hand, you could just want to make special memories with your loved ones, so the most loyal family member deserves to come along.

There are many options for transportation, and not all are as welcoming to your pooch. For driving services such as Lyft, the policy to allow non-service animals in their car is left up to the drivers. Other local transit options can vary, but are usually dog-friendly, such as New York’s MTA. LA’s Department of Transportation loosely requires that dogs cannot be disruptive to other passengers. If your destination is further away but accessible by car, that would be a great option to contain any shenanigans to your own vehicle. If not, some airlines have strict pet policies.

As always, we recommend doing your own research for your particular situation, but we also wanted to provide some helpful tips for traveling with dogs to make your trip smoother. Browse them below and bon voyage!