Need a Fail-Safe Art Buy? Pinterest Says These Trends Are Here to Stay

Updated 03/26/18
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When it comes to styling our own homes (and wardrobes) Pinterest is often our first port of call when we need an instant flash of inspiration and ideas. So, in true pinning style, we searched for the most popular Pinterest trends when it comes to artwork for our homes. What we found? Four major reoccurring pin themes that we think will be sticking around for the long-haul: Greenery, nudes, gold leaf, and charcoal line drawings.

If like us, sometimes you have a suspicious eye when it comes to anything that's trending, keeping in mind that they can exit the foray just as quickly as they entered it, fear not, because we think these neutral and minimalist themes will complement every space, and genre.

See below for the most beautiful inspo we've seen so far, and where to get the look.  


Aside from looking exceptionally pretty, research has shown that greenery can mean sharpened focus, reduce stress, and give faster recovery times for certain illnesses. 

Moebe Floating Leaves Print $49

Layer simplistic prints for an extra serene setting. 


For additional texture, without being too bold, nude-based paintings offer a point of difference that will become long-serving favourites in your home. 

Caroline Wallks Female 04 $290

A subtle piece for a more colourful space. 

gold leaf

While we don't recommend overdoing the metallic craze in any home, a slight touch of gold leaf adds a regal edge to a minimally decorated room.

Magnus Gjoen About The Dead, Either Well or Nothing (Pink) Art $770

The rich colour is perfect for a neutral-based room. 

charcoal line drawings

Though your taste may change, line artwork has stood the test of time in the creative community, and so too will your investment in this simplistic approach to painting. 

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