Calling It: These 3 Chic Houseplants Will Be All Over Your Instagram Feed

Updated 06/30/17

If there's one home trend we'll never be ready to bid farewell to, it's houseplants. Whether we're hauling a $200 fiddle leaf fig up to our fifth-floor walk-up or raising a mini nursery of succulents on our windowsill, we've come to rely on houseplants for a natural pop of color (and a much-needed dose of greenery). Fortunately, the readers over at Domino agreed, prompting the lifestyle magazine to consult New York's houseplant mecca, The Sill, regarding the year's up-and-coming plant trends. According to the shop's resident plant scientist, Chris Satch, these three low-maintenance houseplants will overtake your Instagram feed (and then your home).

The Sill Rattlesnake Calathea Plant $9

Rattlesnake Calathea

As a part of the prayer plant family, calathea plants have two-toned leaves with stripes on the front and purple on the underside. The plant actually evolves with the day's light cycle, meaning that at night, "the entire plant will droop, but in the daytime it will spring back up." This low-light plant prefers bright, indirect light and a seat away from the window.

The Sill Marimo Moss Water Ball $7

Marimo Moss Ball

Native to cold alkaline lakes in Japan, these unique water plants are already trending in Asia. "They're called Marimo Moss Balls, but they’re actually not a moss at all. They're a colony forming algae that the lake motion forms into a ball," explains Satch. Simply put these plant pets into a clear, water-filled bowl in a place with indirect light.

The Sill Hedgehog Aloe Plant $9

Hedgehog Aloe

"[The hedgehog] is the June plant of the month at The Sill," explains Satch. "They're in the aloe family, and they're related to aloe vera." They apparently flower into a big stalk topped off with a fiery red bell-shaped flower that fades to yellow over time.

What are your favorite houseplants? Share your pick below!

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