Genius Tricks for Making Your Place Smell Like Christmas Year-Round

How bittersweet is it that after today it will be another 364 days until we can celebrate Christmas again? As much as we enjoy ourselves the day of, it's hard to get rid of the nagging feeling that we'd better enjoy every waking minute because we won't get to experience this magical feeling again until next year.

So when we came across Kate Thorn's article on Brit + Co suggesting DIY tricks to make your house smell like Christmas all year long, we were hooked. We thought it was only right to share some of Thorn's suggestions for adding a Christmas touch to your humble abode every day:

1. Make mulled apple cider. And then drink it—bottoms up! 

2. Craft homemade peppermint soap. If you opt to buy your bar, we won't tell. 

3. Whip up some stovetop potpourri. Does anything smell more heavenly than a medley of cinnamon, citrus, and vanilla? 

4. Create a dried citrus wreath. Slice the prettiest oranges you can find, bake them and then string them to make a decorative arrangement for your door. 

5. Spritz a room spray. This balsam and cedar fragrance is as close to a real tree as you'll get.

Read Thorn's full roundup of holiday scents here

Buy Diptyque's holiday Sapin pine-scented candle here and let it burn all year. 

Do you have any unique ways you make your home smell like Christmas?