How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

Have you started feeling the Christmas cheer yet? In the streets, merchants are hanging their wreaths and lights, and tree farms are popping up on every corner, spreading the smell of Fraser Firs around the city. Roasted chestnuts are sizzling in every food vendor's cart, the first snowflakes have reared their head, promising a first snowfall—every year more magical than the last. At home, you may have popped in your favorite Frank Sinatra Christmas album, started burning your favorite holiday candle, or already rewatched Love Actually already. All that's missing is a lit-up Christmas tree.

While decorating a tree is not quite as seamless as tuning into your favorite Spotify playlist, we promise you can get your tree up and trimmed in one weekend afternoon—and we're showing you how step by step. All you need is great holiday music, spiked eggnog, and a few trusted tree trimming essentials. Don't delay until the last minute; your very own winter wonderland awaits.