Guess Which Fashion Designer Just Bought LA's Long-Lost Lautner?

_trina Designer Trina Turk and photographer husband Jonathan Skow report exclusively to Domaine that they recently won the bidding war over the nearly forgotten Jules Salkin Residence, designed by John Lautner in 1948. "We bought this dumpy little Lautner in Echo Park as our next restoration project!" Turk tells us of the architect's early-career house that has since fallen into disrepair due to the previous owner's neglect over the last several decades.




"The first thing we're doing is removing the 1966 addition," says Turk of their plans to restore the home to it's original design. Though eliminating square footage sounds like an investment blunder to most, Turk and Skow have made a notable hobby of taking on restorations as art projects. It won't be the couple's primary residence, though. "It'll probably be Jonathan's office, but, other than that, we're not exactly sure what we're going to do with it," says Turk. "We just want to do the project because it will be fun and the final restoration will be really cool."






Having paid well over the $1 million asking price, Turk and Skow aren't the first famous names to recently buy up a piece of Lautner's covetable and rarely listed work. Gwyneth Paltrow recently acquired a $14 million Lautner in Malibu following her "conscious uncoupling" with musician Chris Martin last March.





And just how did Turk and Skow stumble upon the architectural gem? "We saw it on Curbed!" Turk laughs.

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Photographs: 1., Justin Coit (portrait), 2. Steven Gutierrez-Kovner