10 Tropical Vacations to Book Before the Winter Blues Hit

As winter approaches, the memory of palm trees may be the only refuge we have from the cold. The season is early so the weather is going to get worse before it gets better. Don’t dwell on your inevitable suffering, and instead, let’s plan your next tropical vacation.

The term ‘tropical’ refers to specific types of environments with little or no dry season. The climate of the Caribbean islands, for example, is considered a subtropical rainforest, while the rains in Thailand make it a monsoon forest. When planning a trip, splitting hairs about the exact ecological jargon is unnecessary, as any destination with sun and sand would make a great place to relax.

While you can certainly find a vacation destination on the other side of the world, there are also plenty of domestic spots to enjoy. Explore the crystalline waters of the Florida Keys. Take an exotic expedition in Hawaii—all without requiring a passport. If you are the type who needs a yearly respite from winter, coordinate one of these tropical vacations in locales that never shy away from sunshine.