The 4 Major Dos and Don'ts Around the TSA Rules for Packing Gifts

When it comes to managing the stress of the holidays, it seems like preparation is always key. That's why some people pull out their decorations the day after Halloween or start to stock away presents as early as Labor Day. Since the season always goes by much faster than we anticipate—and there's always much more to do than seems physically possible—even the smallest actions to get ahead can help.

But that's not necessarily true for wrapping presents before air travel. If you're braving the airport this season, and you have gifts in your luggage, it's probably best to procrastinate on wrapping them until after you arrive. Why? Because even if your wrapped present is as innocent as a scarf, the TSA can unwrap it if the box is flagged for a screening, and no one wants to stand in line for that.

Instead of creating a frustrated scene at the airport that would make the Grinch blush, here's everything you need to know about the TSA's rules for packing gifts. Consider this to be your lesson in prep, so that you can avoid any problems en route to your destination.