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25 Tuscan-Style Kitchens That Will Transport You Right to Italy

A Tuscan kitchen with rich wood cabinets, exposed wooden beams, and a stone backsplash

Jeri Koegel Photography

Tuscany is an epicenter of fine wine and delicious cuisine—so why wouldn’t you want to take cues from it when designing your kitchen? Tuscan design is known for its textured materials, warm earthy colors, and rustic pieces. And Tuscan kitchens are often filled with eye-catching accents like rich wood cabinetry, intricate tile mosaics, and majestic stone arches. With some thoughtfully placed stonework and a few pops of color, you can capture Tuscany’s signature warmth in a way that feels true to your space. 

Of course, if you want to go all out on Tuscan style, you can. But, there are enough Tuscan kitchen design ideas in this world that you can find the exact look you’re searching for—whether it’s vaguely Tuscan-inspired or a spitting image of Italy.

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Pick an Earthy Base Color

A kitchen with pink walls, a light gray tile backsplash, and dark wood cabinetry

Naked Kitchens

Tuscany is filled with warm, earthy colors. Its houses are lined with yellow stucco and topped with red clay roofs, and its landscapes are dotted with yellow-green grasses, dark green cypress trees, and dusty brown grapevines.

Make your home feel more Tuscan by taking cues from this palette. Choose an earthy base color you love—like sandy beige, pale yellow, or even peachy pink—and build your kitchen around it.

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Fill Your Space With Rich Wood Cabinetry

A kitchen with off-white walls, a marble backsplash, and rich wooden cabinetry

Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry

Tuscan homes are framed and filled with wood. Exposed wood beams line the ceilings, hardwoods cover the floors, and wooden furniture fills every room. You can, of course, get this look by redesigning your ceilings and floors. Or you can simply nod to it by filling your kitchen with richly stained wooden cabinetry.

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Hang a Rustic Chandelier

A Tuscan dining room with leather seats, a wooden table, and a rustic metal chandelier

Kendall Wilkinson Design

One easy way to make your space feel more Tuscan? Hang a wrought-iron chandelier. The bold fixture will make your kitchen feel more rustic, and it will make every meal you have there feel more romantic, too. 

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Treat Yourself to a Sprawling Bar

A kitchen with a sprawling marble island that doubles as an eat-in bar

Whittney Parkinson Design

A great Tuscan kitchen isn’t just about preparing food—it’s also about enjoying it. So build in space to sit down for a meal. By designing an eat-in bar, you can treat yourself to plenty of cooking space, and you can make it easier to socialize while you cook.

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Stock Up on Printed Tiles

A kitchen with mint green cabinets, wood accents, and printed tiles

Amy Bartlam

Tuscany is just a short trip away from the Mediterranean, so it isn’t uncommon for Mediterranean design elements—like printed tiles—to sneak into Tuscan homes. If you’ve fallen in love with a set of printed tiles, fill your kitchen with them. Then, balance them out with classic Tuscan motifs, like rustic fixtures and wooden accents.

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Invest in a Pizza Oven

A Tuscan kitchen with wood, stone, and brick accents, and a built-in pizza oven

Cayton Design Studio

A pizza oven isn’t a must-have in any kitchen—but it’s certainly a nice-to-have. And since Italy is known for its delicious pizzas, the touch can instantly make your space feel more Tuscan (or at least, more Italian).

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Line Your Walls With Wood

A kitchen with textured walls that look like they're lined with wood

Naked Kitchens

Put down the paintbrush, and warm up your space with wood-lined walls, instead. The unexpected touch should add warmth and texture to your kitchen, while making it feel rustic, casual, and invitingly Tuscan.

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Take a Risk on Rich Red Floors

A kitchen with white walls, white cabinetry, and earthy red tiled floors

Katie Hodges Design

Tuscan roofs aren’t the only thing lined with red clay tiles—Tuscan floors often are, too. So set the scene by lining your kitchen floors with red clay tiles that look just like the ones you’d find in Tuscany.

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Fill Your Kitchen With Plants

A plant-filled kitchen with white cabinets and stone-lined walls

Pure Salt Interiors

Tuscany may be known for its yellow and red buildings. But it’s the lush olive trees, majestic cypresses, and sprawling vineyards that make the Tuscan landscape truly iconic. So decorate your kitchen with a few pops of greenery. Invest in an olive tree, grow an herb garden in your window, or fill your space with fresh flowers.

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Snag an Antique Island

A Tuscan kitchen with wooden cabinets, red tiled floors, and an antique wooden island

Style de Vie

Tuscan kitchens tend to be rustic, rather than picture-perfect. So don’t head to the big-box store for all your furniture. Snag an antique island at a flea market or estate sale, and let it add some homespun charm to your kitchen.

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Fill Your Palette With Pops of Warm Color

A kitchen with white walls, golden yellow cabinets, wood accents, and warm gold hardware

Naked Kitchens

When filling out your kitchen’s palette, don’t be afraid to get playful. Tuscan kitchens may be filled with earthy neutrals. But vibrant colors—like golden yellows and rusty reds—are just as welcome as sandy beiges and rich browns.

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Build a Brick Archway

A dining room decorated with a brick archway that leads into a kitchenette

Charbonneau Interiors

Arches are everywhere in Tuscany. So for a truly dramatic impact, build an archway between your kitchen and your dining room, And line it with an earthy material—like brick, stone, or stucco.

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Line Your Backsplash With Stones

A kitchen with a stone backsplash

Lindsey Brooke Design

Make your kitchen feel rustically Tuscan by trading your backsplash tiles for backsplash stones. Opt for a warmer material—like limestone, sandstone, or travertine. Since these stones are commonly used in Tuscan architecture, they should fit right into your Tuscan kitchen.

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Turn Your Stove Into a Statement-Maker

A kitchen with wood cabinets, a marble backsplash, an iron range hood, and a decorated stove backsplash

Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry

Cooking is a big part of Tuscan culture. So set yourself up for success by making your stove absolutely majestic. Line your stove’s backsplash with classic Tuscan marble. Invest in a rustic range hood.

You can even nod to your heritage by mounting a clay family crest right above your stove.

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Play With Textured Tiles

A kitchen with white cabinets, wooden countertops, and white textured backsplash tiles

Crown Point Cabinetry

Tuscan decor doesn’t have to overwhelm your space. There are lots of sculpted ceramic tiles available in sleek solid colors—like white and beige. These understated tiles can add earthy texture to your backsplash. And they can nod to the printed tiles that are popular in Tuscan and Mediterranean homes, without actually adding any color to your kitchen.

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Turn Used Bottles into Light Fixtures

A kitchen with rustic cabinets, a printed tile backsplash, and light fixtures made from used wine bottles

Maitland & Poate

No Tuscan meal is complete without a little wine. And even if you don’t feel like pouring yourself a glass of red, you can pay homage to Tuscany’s many vineyards by converting empty wine bottles into rustic light fixtures.

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Soften Your Floors With a Striking Rug

A white-filled Tuscan kitchen with light hardwoods topped with a printed red rug

Architect: Ryan Street Architects, Builder: Dalgleish Construction Company, Photographer: Casey Dunn

Your Tuscan kitchen should feel warm and inviting, so look for opportunities to cozy it up. Tile floors can get cold and slick—and hardwood floors can, too. So why not treat your feet to a printed rug that feels great to stand on as you cook?

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Leave Your Structural Beams Exposed

A Tuscan kitchen with rich wood cabinets, exposed wooden beams, and a stone backsplash

Jeri Koegel Photography

Tuscan houses are often framed with wood, and much of that wood is left exposed. So consider unearthing the structural beams in your kitchen. Reveal the rustic wood beams lining your walls and ceilings. And bring your space together by lining your appliances with matching wood trim.

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Warm Up Your Space With Off-White Tiles

A kitchen with warm white backsplash tiles

Blue Copper Design

Your backsplash doesn’t have to be fancy to feel Tuscan. By trading cool white backsplash tiles for off-white backsplash tiles, you can add sunny warmth to your space without disrupting your sleek palette.

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Outfit Your Cabinets With Lattice Doors

A kitchen with a marble backsplash and dark wooden cabinets with lattice doors

Naked Kitchens

Latticework is a vineyard favorite: Winemakers use the trellises to support their grapevines, helping the plants grow tall. Consider swapping your classic cabinet doors with lattice-lined cabinet doors, instead. The detail will make your kitchen cabinets look a lot more striking—and it will reference Tuscany’s wine culture, too.

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Turn Your Must-Haves Into Décor

A kitchenette with white cabinets, dark backsplash tiles, and kitchenwares on display

Becca Interiors

Tuscan design tends to be pretty pragmatic. So don’t be afraid to leave necessities out on your countertops. Herbs, kitchen towels, pots, and oils can double as decor when tucked into corners or neatly arranged on kitchen shelves.

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Fill Your Space With Art

A kitchen with dark wooden cabinetry and a wooden shelf topped with rustic art

Naked Kitchens

Tuscany doesn’t just have a rich culinary history. It’s also home to Florence—the very place where the Renaissance began. So don’t just line your kitchen shelves with spices, oils, and cookware. Dress them up with paintings and drawings, too.

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Embrace an Informal Kitchen Set-up

A Tuscan kitchen with rustic wooden furniture, stone walls, and exposed structural beams

Ancient Surfaces

Your Tuscan kitchen shouldn’t just look pretty—it should support you as you prepare, cook, and enjoy meals. Lay out your kitchen with your future self in mind. Pick an island that allows you to entertain flexibly.

Choose a storage set-up that keeps your must-haves within reach, and favor rustic, practical pieces over dysfunctional furniture and décor.

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Sprinkle in Some Rustic Touches

A kitchen with textured walls, red and pink cabinets, and rustic wooden furniture

Naked Kitchens

Bring your space together with a few rustic touches. If your feet get sore as you cook, keep an accent chair in your kitchen. If your floors get cold, invest in a rug. And if you need help carrying ingredients around, snag a woven storage basket that can double as decor. These homespun touches will make your kitchen feel warmer and more charming—and they’ll also make it a more comfortable place to spend time.

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Leave Your Windows Wide Open

A kitchen with an open window flanked by a jug full of flowers and two containers of olive oil

Amy Bartlam

One of the loveliest parts of Tuscan homes? They often have sprawling indoor/outdoor spaces. And while you may not want to knock down one of the walls in your kitchen, you can let the outdoors in by leaving your windows wide open. 

This choice may seem like a casual one, but it will change the atmosphere of your kitchen: Enjoy the breeze rolling through your window the next time you’re cooking, and you’ll feel transported to Italy—even if you’re nowhere close.