5 Things TV's Top Actresses Can't Live Without in the Bedroom

As celebrity must lists go, we love a good down-to-earth collection. This list of refreshing and personal bedroom essentials from Elle Decor is amazingly frill-free and inspiringly heartfelt. If you're gearing up for the fall TV slate, chances are a few of these leading ladies have made an appearance or two in your living room via the small screen. Here's what they keep near and dear in the boudoir: 

Mía Maestro, FX's The Strain: "I really love candles. I love the lighting—it's so nice to have a beautiful setting for the bedroom. I think candles really set the mood. The bedroom for me is kind of like a sacred space; I try not to bring my electronics in there."

Jaime Pressly, CBS's Mom: "I love the balcony off the bedroom. It's the smallest place in our house, and we literally spend more time on the balcony than any other room."

Jaimie Alexander, NBC's Blindspot: "I have a picture of my family in my bedroom which I love. I take it with me whenever I travel. I also love my down comforter. I am all about linens! We have a nice bed, of course, but the linens just make you cozy. And I like sheets that stay cold. I like it to be cold in the house at all time."

Gina Rodriguez, The CW's Jane the Virgin: "I love the Hamsa that I keep right by my door for safety. I am a very spiritual person, and I love that my ancestors are constantly protecting me. That's my prized possession; my mom bought it for me from Jerusalem. It's truly my favorite piece."

Shohreh Aghdashloo, Syfy's The Expanse: "My favorite item in the bedroom is my bed—it's the actual bed that I had in my [Oscar-winning] movie House Sand and Fog. I loved it so much I bought it. When I brought it home, my husband said, 'Wait a second! You died in this bed with Ben Kingsley?!' And I said, 'It's just a movie!' I just love the bed. It's a beautifully made bed."

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