Here's What Type A People Are Really Thinking

While type A individuals are often championed as go-getters and natural-born leaders, they are also labeled as perfectionists and control freaks within our cultural lexicon. As with any other personality type, these blanket stereotypes can cast a negative light on the higher-strung individuals in our lives. According to Huffington Post, there are three things type A personalities want you to know:

Unlike type B personalities, who have a more lax perception of time and are always running late, type A's perceive time to be passing by more quickly than it actually is (58 seconds for every full minute, to be exact). In the words of Holmes, "If you tell us to be somewhere by 6:30, more likely than not, we're rolling up to the parking lot at 6:25." Time is precious to these individuals—wasting it can arouse anxiety and frustration.

Believe it or not, type A's are high-strung because they care (potentially too much). Researchers have found that type A people are highly conscientious—one of the Big Five personality traits—meaning that they care about doing things right, almost to a fault. "While it may seem like we're uptight when we're organizing our friend's birthday party, it's really just because we want it to be spectacular. They deserve it," explains Holmes.

Anything that impedes a type A individual from getting their work done, including traffic, long lines, and the like, is enough to put them over the edge. According to Holmes as informed by Michigan State University psychologist John Schaubroeck, "This is because we feel as though [these things are] slowing our progress of a certain goal … even if that goal is just to deposit a check at the bank."

Type A personalities, do you believe these three admissions to be true? Share your thoughts with us, and download Apple's Things app to help plan your day.