This European App Is Like Uber for Babysitters

We can get a personal trainer to our places on the double; our laundry picked up, washed, and delivered in hours; and a last-minute blowout in the comfort of our homes—so why should finding a babysitter be any different? According to a new article on Fortune, when Belgium banker and mother Géraldine Biebuyck was looking for a simpler way to find last-minute sitters, she decided to co-found a new smartphone app called airBsit. After more than 11,000 parents signed up in first four months, the app is now rapidly expanding to Amsterdam and Luxembourg.

So how exactly does it work? The company can deliver you a sitter in just a few clicks, all for the price of 15 minutes of sitting time. According to Reuters, the free app allows you to connect with up to 20 pros at once to explain your needs—then you choose who to give an offer to. Better yet, airBsit relies on a rating system for parents and sitters, so both sides know just what (and who) they’re getting.

“You just click once, send, then you have all the responses come in one go,” busy mom Barbara Bracquene told Reuters.

A similar app called Chime opened shop in the U.S. this fall, although this service requires sitters to have an in-person interview and background check before they can advertise themselves. It’s only available in a few cities (New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.) as of now,  but with the proven success of this type of on-demand service, it may only be time before it (and similar apps) expand to other cities and the suburbs. Soon, finding a date-night sitter might be as simple as buying your movie tickets.

For more on this topic, visit Fortune and Reuters.

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