Uber Just Made Online Returns So Much Easier

What’s the worst thing about shopping online? The inevitable need to return items that don’t look as good or fit as well as we thought they would. But how many times have you left an unwanted package idle in your entryway beyond the return period? If you’re like us, maybe a few times too many!

New Yorkers are being treated to the Returns feature, being powered by UberRush through the end of September. The service will pick up any items you’ve ordered from any store in Manhattan (below 110th Street) and return it to its respective e-commerce home. All you have to do is provide the packing slip, the printed shipping label, and the box. UberRush will take it from there.

Online shoppers who use the feature through August 19 will be granted free service, and after that, each return trip will cost a flat fee of $4. That’s $4 for as many return items as the Uber messenger can fit on his or her bike. We’d say that’s quite a bargain for removing the hassle of schlepping boxes from our overly scheduled lives. Now if only Returns would launch nationwide!

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