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Guide to gifting

Ultimate Guide to Gifting: Essentials for Everyone on Your List

It happens every year: no matter how far in advance you plan to start shopping, the holiday season creeps up on you and you haven't started shopping for gifts yet. But it doesn't have to be this way. With a few tips and tricks, and some expert-approved ideas, you'll soon be on your way to checking everyone off your list.

Whether you need a last-minute gift idea to impress or just want a few small stocking stuffers, our guide will make gifting something you look forward to every year.

29 Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas From Funny to Sentimental

Gift exchange ideas


No matter which you celebrate, the holidays are a magical time: the delicious food, visiting family, and creative presents make December one of our favorite months. However, holiday shopping can get stressful quickly—especially if you're scraping the bottom of the barrel for creative gift exchange ideas for your friends and family. If you're already feeling a little overwhelmed, we've got you covered.

We suggest injecting some fun into gift-giving with these inspiring concepts for all types of holiday parties. From heartwarming to funny Christmas gift exchange ideas, pick one of these 29 options to try among family and friends, co-workers, and the little ones.

11 Stocking Stuffers That Are Actually Really Good

Stocking stuffers

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When it comes to Christmas morning, few activities are more fun than opening stocking stuffers. Though the gifts are typically just small goodies, it's understandable if you still want to pick items the recipient actually wants—especially if you're shopping for the women in your life.

Whether it's your mom, sister, grandmother, or significant other, there are plenty of thoughtful and useful gifts out there any woman is sure to appreciate. Not sure where to start? Consider each pick's size, weight, and price as well as any interests the lucky lady might have.

This Little Habit Makes My Holiday Gift Giving So Much Easier

Why I keep a gift stash

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Receiving gifts has never been one of my top love languages, but when it comes to giving gifts? I’m all in. I always enjoy surprising friends and loved ones with small tokens of appreciation, and when it comes to formal occasions, such as birthdays and holidays, I’m most definitely prepared in advance. 

Sure, I’m naturally a pretty organized person and like to check things off my list ahead of time. But a few years ago, I adapted a technique that has taken things to the next level—creating a little “gift stash” in my apartment. 

17 Last Minute Gifts to Shop on Amazon

Last minute gifts

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Holiday gifting can be overwhelming, and no matter how much you try to plan ahead, you almost always need a last minute gift for some holiday party or gift exchange you forgot about. Luckily, even last-minute gifts can be stylish and personal to the recipient. And with a seemingly never-ending range of items, one of our favorite places to shop for a last-minute gift is Amazon. From cozy candles and throws to home accents and cocktail essentials, no one will be able to tell you didn't plan these gifts months in advance.

18 Designers On the Best Gift They've Ever Given

Designers on the best gift they've ever given

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An interior designer’s job is to create visually pleasing spaces—so who better to ask for a beautiful holiday gift idea? From gorgeous placemats that enhance a holiday table, to a platter that can be personalized with an image or name, to a candle that smells like fresh baked cookies, top designers share the best gift they've ever given.

17 Small, Affordable Gifts That Are Still Thoughtful

Small gifts that are still thoughtful

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A good gift doesn't have to come in a big box and cost a paycheck. A small, affordable gift can be the best kind of present to give (and get), especially when it's thoughtful.

Consider the person you're buying for. Do they have hometown pride or are they looking to travel the world? Did you both go to camp together every year, or do they host an annual summer solstice party? Thinking of a shared memory or a person's standout characteristic is a good place to start when trying to come up with a meaningful gift.