This Weight-Loss Hack Has Nothing to Do With Diet or Exercise


Original illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

While there's a certain amount of mental willpower that goes into dieting and exercising, dietitian Lyndi Cohen would argue that not enough emphasis is placed on the mental aspect of losing weight. More specifically, Cohen, who did her fair share of dieting in the past before giving it up entirely, believes that successfully losing weight is highly dependent upon your emotional state—something that's highly influenced by technology.

"During my yo-yo dieting days, I readily consumed fitspo (fitness inspiration), convinced it would inspire me to 'be good' and finally get the 'dream body' I was after," writes Cohen in a recent article for My Body+Soul. "Unfortunately, I didn't realize at the time that you can't guilt or shame yourself into losing weight. Staring at images of models with perfectly sculpted abs and toned arms actually ate away at my confidence (literally) and I ended up in a spiral of emotional eating—again."

She recommends putting down the smartphone when trying to lose weight, refocusing your energy on what makes you feel good. "Once I unfollowed all fitspo and detoxed my social media sites, my confidence and happiness soared," she writes. "I had a clear mind, felt in control of what I was seeing and could concentrate on my healthy lifestyle." And the evidence for doing a digital detox continues to mount…

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