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Urban Outfitters

New Year's Resolution season is fast-approaching, and on top of my usual goals (eat more veggies, get my finances in order, make it to the gym once this year), I'm also vowing to make my home a more inviting space in 2019. As an apartment dweller, I find it can get easy to fall into the mindset that your tiny shared space isn't exactly a home. Because of that, I tend to skimp on décor, convincing myself that this is only a temporary space that doesn't warrant a full-blown makeover. But not this year. This year, I'm hoping to add more life to my home with chic accents, throw pillows, wall art, and more. As I'm also hoping to save money (see resolution number two), I plan to do all this on a budget. Scroll to shop the under-$200 Urban Outfitters finds that will breathe life into my new space without breaking the bank.