Here's Why I Finally Decided to Get Fillers at 37 (and Loved It)

While I have never shied away from testing new facial lotions, chemical peels, or lasers (I've even used my own blood as a serum), having injections or undergoing cosmetic surgery has always made me feel nervous. (Of course, we support freedom of choice and wholeheartedly believe everyone has the right to do whatever they want to their face and body whenever they choose to—without judgment or shame.)

Thanks to sunscreen and a rigorous skincare routine I started at the age of 14 (growing up in a country without an ozone layer will do that to you), I am entering my 38th year with minimal signs of aging. However, the one place where I felt my age showed was under my eyes. It wasn't so much the lines that bothered me but the dark and sunken appearance that made me look (and feel) tired—even when I was well rested. So I started to entertain the idea of getting under-eye fillers. 

Even though having fillers is so commonplace now, not to mention also a relatively simple practice to perform (it takes mere minutes), for some reason, I had a major resistance to getting them. When I really thought about why, I realized that much of my hesitation came from how I thought my parents would feel about it and the shame in telling my husband. I think this sentiment stems from the personal shame I felt around altering my body in the name of vanity. That I couldn't just accept or be happy with the body I was born with, or that I felt the need to change it to sit within society's expectations of me. 

Ultimately I had to push those feelings aside and realize this wasn't about anyone else; it was about me. Getting a teeny bit of filler under my eyes was my choice, not theirs. Not to mention that this entire conversation was taking place inside my head, and in reality, who's to say they would even care? I pushed aside any shame (and perceived judgment) and booked an appointment with Jennifer Herrmann, MD, of the celeb-frequented practice Moy, Fincher, Chipps Dermatology in Beverly Hills.

Turns out, everything I thought I knew (and feared) about under-eye fillers was wrong. Keep reading to see my before and after photos, review of the process, along with the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and myths regarding fillers below.