10 Unexpected Ways to Use Tile to Freshen Up Your Interiors

Tiled kitchen island.

Design: Blue Copper Design; Photography: Movement Photo Project

Tile can instantly transform a space from drab to fab, which is why most interior designers are obsessed with it. However, if you really want to make a statement, try shying away from the most commonly tiled areas and consider tiling spaces a little more outside of the box. 

“There are the obvious places where we use tile, like a kitchen backsplash or shower wall,” Michelle Lisac, the founder and principal designer of Michelle Lisac Interior Design, explains. “Then, there are other, creative places where tiles can be used to make an impact.” 

Need some inspiration? Here are 10 unexpected uses of tile that will blow your mind.

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Tile a Kitchen Wall

Almost everybody has a tile backsplash, so why not a fully tiled wall? This stunning kitchen is proof that the more tile, the merrier.

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Or, a Bathroom Wall

Tile has always been a favorite in bathrooms. However, why limit it to the shower or bath area? This tile wall seriously makes this sink and vanity space, and we love how it is even carried down to all the way to the floor.

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Fully Framed

Not ready to fully commit to tiling a space in your home? These creatively framed tiles make for high impact artwork.

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Try The Fireplace Floor

A great way to brighten up a non-working fireplace is with the help of some attention grabbing tiles. 

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Cover The Kitchen Island

This kitchen island is serious goals, from the pink tile accents to built in shelves and cabinetry.

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All-Over Bathroom Tile

Who says you can’t use multiple tile patterns in a single space? The truly unique use of subway, hex, and pink metro tiles in this stunning bathroom makes a serious case for abandoning matchy-matchy tiles.

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In a Shower Nook

Adding a contrasting tile pattern in your shower nook or cubby makes a huge impact in this white and black bathroom.

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On the Entryway Floor

“The entry floor is the first thing you see when you enter a home, making it a great place to add some pattern or color to set the tone,” Lisac states. And seriously, how could you resist walking into this home, which has one of the most interesting entryways with the help of attention-grabbing tiles? 

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High-Impact Stairs

Tiled stairs.

Photo: Jennie Corti

“Stair risers are another high impact area for tile,” says Lisac. “We recently incorporated tile in a staircase using all handmade black and white painted tiles from Tabarka Studio.”

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In Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor pool tiling.

Moore House Interiors

Tiles aren’t just for the inside of your home, but serve great purpose on the outside as well. “Years ago, I was working for a health facility anxious to make their natatorium more attractive and pleasant,” Ashley Moore, Founder & Principal Designer Moore House Interiors, says. “The designer wanted to create a mural depicting the sea using mosaic tile, and I thought that was amazing. It inspired me to create the same sort of ‘wall’ in an open pool cabana, which would be a beautiful backdrop and focal point too.” Or, you can keep the tiling on the ground, like this stunning outdoor space by Moore.

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