3 Habits to Ditch If You Want to Be Healthier by December 30

Updated 11/10/17

The beginning of a new year might be a popular time to kick-start a healthier routine, but delaying the decision to improve your lifestyle can also lead to resolution anxiety. On January 1, you're energized to overhaul every unhealthy habit, but a few weeks in, it becomes overwhelming. So why wait until 2018?

If there are a few unhealthy habits you're not exactly proud of, take a cue from PopSugar, and focus on three to tackle before December 30. From negative self-talk that you'd never say to a friend to forcing yourself to follow fitness routines that just aren't enjoyable anymore, here are three habits to ditch now to be happier and healthier in 2018.

1. Exercising to "fix" a part of your body: Many of us have parts of our body we wish we could change, but focusing on them when you work out can make it a negative experience. Instead, exercise to celebrate your body and feel good, rather than strive for perfection.

2. Workouts you hate: "Forcing yourself into a workout that you hate definitely won't encourage you to keep working out," PopSugar points out. Instead, search for alternatives, and keep experimenting with new classes until you find one that makes you want to jump out of bed instead of hitting snooze.

3. Negative self-talk: "The more you berate and degrade yourself, the harder your year will be; you'll also have a much harder time reaching your healthy goals," PopSugar says. Pledge to speak to yourself like you do a friend, and make this the day/month/year of no negative self-talk.

Which unhealthy habits are you ditching this month?

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