These 2 Restaurant Menu Descriptors Are Basically Code for "Unhealthy"

Restaurant menus are written with the intent of making each dish sound enticing—it's just as much of a marketing tool as the restaurant's logo or branding. As a result, this fluffy language often leaves consumers confused as to what they're actually eating. With the exception of outwardly unhealthy dishes like a heaping plate of fettuccine alfredo or cheese fries, many customers are unknowingly consuming excess fat, calories, and carbohydrates when they go out to eat.

"We all eat unhealthy food on occasion—but it's good to know when you're doing it so that it doesn't become part of your routine," writes Insider, which went on to outline seven simple ways to identify unhealthy restaurant dishes. In the spirit of transparency, read up on the tips before going out to eat, and shop our healthy eating essentials.

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