Unique Bathroom Sink Ideas That Are So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Never underestimate the transformative power of unique bathroom sinks. While we strongly believe interesting tiles, unexpected hardware, and chic vanities will elevate any bathroom, there's nothing quite like the wow factor a trendy wash basin brings. That said, installing a new sink can require some serious (and costly) renovations. And don't even get us started on the work that goes into installing new plumbing. But switching out your sink is a much cheaper option than a total overhaul, and it really turns up the style dial. 

Unique bathroom sinks really anchor the entire room, too. Opting for little fixes and low-maintenance upgrades can make a bathroom appear hip yet timeless (which means you can put off any large-scale renovations). So if you're looking to give your washroom a modern overhaul, scroll through our roundup of statement sinks that will give your bathroom the royal flush.