10 Unique Wedding Gifts Not on the Registry

We get it. Not everyone is into gifting vacuums or fine china sets! If you're tight with the bride and groom, you might just have the type of insider info you'll need to gift something truly memorable and unique. Note: This is importantdon't stray outside of the registry dotted lines if you don't know the new couple well enough to select something just right. E! Online chatted with Keija Minor, editor in chief of Brides, about 10 of her favorite creative wedding gifts. Read on!

  1. A wine-tasting class. Help the new couple increase their sommelier cred.
  2. A gift-certificate for an interior design service (like Laurel & Wolf). Make sure you won't be offending any amateur decorators!
  3. Foreign language lessons. Know about some down-the-road travel plans? Get them on their way to feeling like locals.
  4. Upcoming concert tickets to a favorite musical act. We know that experiences, rather than material possessions, make us happier. Why not gift them a good one?
  5. Museum membership for two. This one goes out to the culture mavens who know there's something special about perusing art with your S.O.
  6. Personal chef service. Gift them a special occasion dinner-for-two.

Head to E! to see more out-of-the-box ideas.

Would you consider any of these unique gifts? Share your thoughts in the comments!