Ask Estee:
Unsightly Cable Cords

  • QHow do I conceal my cable box, wires, and electric cords?
  • Cable boxes and cords are a necessary evil, but there are things you can do to camouflage them:
Hide the box: When I do people's houses I usually dedicate a closet or a couple of shelves in a cabinet to their AV equipment. Tie cords up: I like reusable Millepede Cable Ties as a first step, because they keeps things neat as opposed to a messy array of wires. Bury the evidence: Floor coverings can be a great place to hide cables and wires--run them under rugs, or even base boards. If necessary, I use extension cords to try to keep everything in one area. Break out the drill: Make holes in your cabinets and media centers where your cable box is, so that you can run wires through the back. Accessorize: If the above options aren't a possibility, it's might be time to start thinking about products aimed at concealing wires. Sites like Cableorganizer and Monoprice specialize in these types of products, though you can likely find similar options at your local home goods store. One of my personal favorites is the Cable Snake, which fits all of your wires into one cohesive-looking tube that has a kind-of cool and industrial look to it.