New and Unique Ideas for High-Impact Wall D

_promoEstee Hanging up your standard family photos or favorite artwork is a safe and common way to dress up your space. But what if you want to step a bit outside of the box and think outside of the lines? Create a striking focal point and conversation starter by designing and accessorizing your walls with unconventional materials.

Think Texture: Why not upholster your walls with a large-scale fabric and turn your space into a fabulous padded parlor to create the ultimate in luxe living? Fabric can be an extremely cost effective way to add an element of drama and glamour. Try bold Moroccan patterns or a striped linen for a more refined finish.

Metallic Injection: :  I'll take anything shiny! Try to imagine a space of mixed metals, from your furniture to your walls. It is a perfect way to ignite interest and surprise because it adds an element of dimension to a room. I love the combination of antique brass and sharp chrome decorative wall accessories. Remember, mixing metals is an art, so when in doubt stick to one finish to avoid a decorating disaster. Another whimsical idea is to use vintage signs to inject some personality. I strongly advise buying genuine vintage, rather than mass-produced signs that just look old, for a more genuine and unique look. Share Your Treasures: I personally find it a shame to keep some of my prized pieces of jewelry in a drawer. A chic way to share them with your houseguests is to mount them in shadow boxes to display on your wall. Travel and the associated experiences are becoming focal points in design, and mounting the treasures you picked up along the way is a fabulous opportunity to share your favorite finds from all over the globe. Have you used unique items to dress up the walls in your home? Tweet us a picture at @DomaineHome. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Justin Coit